Flathead Valley YoungLives

Who We Are

YoungLives ​ builds relationships with teen moms, models the unconditional love of Christ, and encourages girls to become the women and mothers God created them to be.


come Alongside

YoungLives​ mentors show they care by entering the world of teen moms, meeting and supporting them in their challenges, and believing in who they can be. ​


adventure, relationship and meaning

YoungLives​ camp is an extraordinary place! Mentors accompany teen moms and their babies to camp for a respite from the chaos of their daily struggles. ​ With their physical and childcare needs met, teen moms are immersed in the love of God focus on their future.


a Place to Belong

YoungLives​ Club is a safe place for teen moms to build friendships. ​ Food, activities, music and childcare make Club a fun place to hear about God's love. ​



growing in faith

Mentors "help teen moms grow in their faith" by offering parenting support, leading Bible study and much more. ​ Each mom has the opportunity to learn about herself, ​ her child, her relationships, her world and God.

You Were Made For This


Your story matters, and it can make a difference beyond what you imagine.

Volunteer your time to work directly with teen moms and babies.

Support the staff and leaders as part of the local adult committee.

Give resources to start or sustain the financial foundation at the local or national level.

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